Quote: ‘I want to connect people to feelings of peace and relaxation through my artwork. My pieces are intricate, yet simple and soothing. The way I work with the fiber is very natural, organic, and free. I try to express this through my art, so that the pieces can encourage these feelings in their newfound home.’ 

Mariana Baertl Art is the work of Peruvian artist Mariana Baertl. The artist currently is based in Lima, which offers her daily inspiration due to its history in traditional craft-making, particularly textiles. 

 Mariana Baertl Fiber artist


Mariana began her journey in Peru, where she studied Fashion Design. She then emigrated to Barcelona, Spain, specializing in Haute Couture and pattern making. During this time, she obtained a postgraduate degree in Fashion Business Management from Pompeu Fabra University. Once finished, she worked as a fashion designer for a large retailer in Lima, where she started experimenting with textures and textiles over several years. It was during this time that Mariana fell in love with fiber art and began to create her unique pieces. As Mariana's passion for her art form grew, she decided to focus on her artwork solely, focusing on creating authentic and imaginative pieces ever since.


Mariana Baertl - Textile Artist 


Each piece is meticulously handwoven with fibers and yarns from around the world, with a particular focus on Peruvian natural fibers. The natural cotton fiber is hand-dyed by the artist, in pastel and warm color palettes, with a clear focus on textures and composition. The finish on each piece features intricate embroidery details added to intensify the complexity of texture. The textile artist uses experimental embroidery techniques, allowing her to achieve an authentic aesthetic. 

The aesthetic for Mariana Baertl Art draws inspiration from natural and organic sources, often inspired by landscapes such as the mountains, and elements such as water and wind, which she believes evoke feelings of flow and connection. The artist has a deep fascination with nature's immense variety of textures and natural patterns. She finds the contrasting compositions of effortlessness and complexity a source of deep inspiration, which influence can be seen uniquely imagined in her artwork.